DEG Inquiry 17915 Response from Audatex “Prime and Block operations are only included for exposed welds on exterior panels.”

An Example would be replacing inner structure items or frame rail sections.

Audatex users may find this confusing when referencing Audatex DBRM page 150 Section 4-4 Refinish Guidelines “Feather / Prime / Block

Audatex recognizes that Feather/Prime/Block are required operations when replacing welded-on panels. Time to perform this operation is included in the Audatex time for welded panel replacement in the seamed areas, to bring the panels to the condition of a new, undamaged panel for the purpose of refinish.”

In summary, Prime and block is only included on exterior welded on panels, such as a quarter panel installed at the OEM designated seams – or exterior aperture panels replaced at the welded seams.

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