Making a Difference in Our Industry

Because our Voice is Your Voice

The Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) advocates on behalf of the collision repairer, providing a collective voice and strong representation on important issues that are critical to our industry’s livelihood. SCRS has communicated the repairers’ perspective for decades, in which time we have fostered respect and credibility both within the industry, and with those whom we interact with. Because of this, we are regularly asked to communicate the repairer’s perspective in national forums, as well as on more direct levels such as advisory councils, task forces and research projects.

Bringing the industry together is an important facet of the principles SCRS was founded upon. Cultivating a strong basis of communication between itself as a national organization, between our state, national and international affiliate associations and between our members as individuals is a key element that allows our members to motivate our objectives, and keep us “Repairer Driven.”
Perhaps most importantly, SCRS encompasses the voice of the repairer. Since our inception the organization has been comprised of dedicated and passionate individuals who work day-to-day in their businesses, just like you, and volunteer in SCRS because they believe that together we can make a difference. Our objectives are driven by repairers, because our board is comprised of either repairers or people who directly support the repair industry. Our vision is your vision. Our voice is your voice. We are REPAIRER DRIVEN.

Our History