Through the support and dedication of our members and board of directors, SCRS positively impacts the collision repair industry through a variety of activities and resources.
Because SCRS is connected and directly involved in so many key industry issues and because of our ability to communicate with our members, SCRS members are often the first to know and understand pressing issues facing your business and what the association is doing to address those issues. SCRS often has the first glimpse into the stories and events that matter to you and we are constantly finding ways to improve how we inform the industry. This gives you a finger on the pulse.
SCRS has developed the industry’s leading online news source with RDN was formed to provide news and information from a vantage point that would be catered to those in the collision repair business. Our stories and focus will not be influenced by anything other than keeping the businesses that perform collision repair connected to the information that matters most to them. We believe that a well-informed industry is a more viable industry, so we worked to develop more personalized experiences that allow our followers to customize how their information is accessed and announced. We believe that “connecting the dots” is important, and stories should contain more than what is happening, but also foster an understanding of why it matters.

Development of industry resources like this is how SCRS puts member dollars to use in developing resources for the industry.

SCRS understands how important it is for you to have documentation to substantiate issues you deal with in the shop. That is why SCRS has built close relationships with manufactures, vendors and other interested parties that service the repair industry and then compile relevant information and positions we receive from these sources so that it is easy for our members to locate and utilize.

  • Guide to Complete Repair Planning
  • Recent documentation on clearcoat application (other documents on tint/blend, Final sand and Polish, etc…)
  • Events like Repairer Driven Education at the SEMA Show, and the OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit
One of the most unique networking and learning opportunities available to the collision repair industry, the OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit is designed to connect the industry with innovators in automotive structural design and technology. The Summit’s focus is on emerging trends in vehicle construction and technology and how both of those aspects influence vehicle repairability and collision industry preparation.

The presentations feature companies and individuals with rich histories of producing sophisticated advancements in the automotive and collision repair fields, and will highlight architectural and technological developments in modern vehicles, and how those advancements intersect with the repair process. Every participant in this industry can benefit from better insight into how vehicles and materials are evolving, what that means in the repair process and what will be expected of those who are performing these repairs. The future of our collision repair industry is highly skilled professionals, working on highly sophisticated automobiles that require the industry to embrace the necessary investments in training and equipment; but also relies on informed business owners who understand how to define for themselves what a sustainable and successful business model to support that investment looks like.

SCRS is often asked to share the repairer’s viewpoint on important issues. From addressing regulatory and legislative issues at national forums, providing national level insight to news outlets, or providing governmental agencies such as the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics with information to attract younger technicians to our trade, SCRS always has the interest of the collision repairer at the foremost of all our actions.

  • OEM Procedures as the Standard of Repair, and how shops are expected to sustain increased levels of investments in training and equipment (OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit)
  • Length of Rental v. Length of Repair calculation discussions
  • Examination of Repairer Ability to Control Data Flow via estimates
  • Improvement on accuracy of estimating data (DEG)
SCRS understands that estimating databases are resources that directly impact how your business is compensated for its services, and the importance of accurate information. For that reason, SCRS has collaborated with other national industry associations to found, fund and manage the Database Enhancement Gateway (DEG), which is designed to improve the quality and accuracy of vehicle specific collision estimating information. In addition SCRS spent years working diligently on “P-Page” and cross-model database issues as well.
Because we represent over 6,000 collision repair businesses, SCRS can negotiate the best rate possible for our members so that you can spend less on necessary business services. In some cases, the discount alone from one member benefit may cover the cost of membership to SCRS.

Credit Card Processing through First Data:

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  • Receive a $200 credit for signing up as a new user
  • Dedicated SCRS rep, and every member who has signed up has saved
  • This program has saved some businesses over $7000.00 annually

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There are undoubtedly countless times where SCRS’ work behind the scenes has positively impacted your business. Up until now, we may not have had the privilege of welcoming you as a member of the largest national trade association solely dedicated to advancing the collision repair profession; but we would like to change that today.

We ask you to join as a member of SCRS and be part of our mission to educate, inform and represent the industry. Our membership dues are an affordable mechanism to help fund our efforts to better the industry for your business. This industry needs your support, and every member is part of the solution.

We believe there isn’t a more dedicated or recognized advocate for collision repairers, and the programs we’ve developed speak to our mission.

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Members of trade associations tend to be some of the most progressive businesses in the marketplace. They understand the importance of progress, of support, and of investing in the future of their trade. They are exactly the businesses that your company wants as customers, and the ones you want to help thrive in the future. Many businesses in the collision repair community pay close attention to who engages in the industry. They look for companies that stand behind the work and resources that have meaningful impact on their business, and that demonstrate a common interest in stronger collision repair marketplace. Many of our members look to do business with those who also support SCRS.

Up until now, we may not have had the privilege of welcoming you as a member of the largest national trade association solely dedicated to advancing the collision repair profession; but we would like to change that today.

We ask you to join as a Corporate or Company member of SCRS and be part of our mission to educate, inform and represent the industry. Your membership helps fund our efforts to better the industry for those you serve. This industry needs your support, and every member is part of the solution.