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SCRS Paint Capping Project

In 1995, SCRS sent a letter of inquiry to all 50 state insurance commissioners to determine the legality of arbitrary capping of paint and materials. The responses we received were compiled and made available to our membership. Our members found the data to be extremely useful when confronted with this issue.

In January 2003, SCRS once again began the process of contacting the insurance commissioners on a state by state basis to update the information we had collected on paint and materials caps. The data we had was nearly 8 years old and outdated. After speaking with several commissioners, as well as receiving a few responses in writing, it became apparent to us that a different approach was necessary. Many of the responses we received were ambiguous, unlike the responses we received in 1995. We decided to send another letter to the commissioners that included hypothetical scenarios. The SCRS Board thought that it would make it easier for them to offer an opinion since no two situations are alike. This proved to be an effective strategy as evidenced by the responses we received and the information provided. As a member of SCRS, you have access to this data.

Summary Report

The various states’ insurance commissioner responses were collected and a summary report, Paint and Material Capping in the United States, was prepared.

State Responses

To view particular state commissioner’s response(s) collected, click on the state desired listed below to read the letter in PDF file format.