CCC, Mitchell & Audatex – Quick Reference Chart Moldings and Decal Operations

DEG has made a quick reference chart showing included and not included operations for moldings and decals for repair situations. OEM service information may indicate a part is Non Reusable. Additionally All three Estimating [...]

2019-02-11T12:21:14+00:00February 11th, 2019|DEG Estimating Tips|

Mitchell – Navigating multiple part schematics within a part group

Mitchell users may find that not every part is shown when selecting a vehicle part group, and will have to go down the list of part descriptions to see if additional parts exist. Users can [...]

2019-02-04T10:41:45+00:00February 4th, 2019|DEG Estimating Tips|

CCC, Audatex & Mitchell – (M) Mechanical Operations for Scanning Operations

All three Information providers, CCC, Mitchell and Audatex, acknowledge that scanning operations required during the repair process is a (M)/ Mechanical process. CCC has confirmed that it plans to add the (M) feature to the [...]

2018-12-26T11:47:03+00:00December 26th, 2018|DEG Estimating Tips|

CCC, Audatex & Mitchell – Charging Battery / Maintain Battery Voltage

Certain repair situations may require the on board vehicle battery to be connected to a battery charger/ battery maintainer during repairs. Example of this situation is during the scanning process. The OEM may state the [...]

2018-12-18T09:29:33+00:00December 17th, 2018|DEG Estimating Tips|