CCC, Mitchell and Audatex – Selecting Correct Paint Process Type

CCC, Mitchell, and Audatex may suggest a certain paint code to be a single-stage, base coat / clear coat or three-stage based on major paint manufacture suggestions. Ultimately the type of paint process and paint [...]

2020-01-06T16:07:01-05:00December 30th, 2019|DEG Estimating Tips|

Audatex E-coat (protective coating) Removal on New Replacement Parts

Replacement panels which may require e-coat (protective coatings) to be removed prior to welding, bonding, riveting process are NOT INCLUDED per Audatex DBRM Section 4-2, page 44. The labor to remove any coatings required by [...]

2020-01-06T16:11:17-05:00December 23rd, 2019|DEG Estimating Tips|

CCC – Filling Additional Fluids into Cooling System

Some radiators/condensers have built-in cooling systems for transmissions, power steering systems. Labor to replace these cooling units (radiators/condensers) does not include any additional labor that may be needed to fill additional fluids (transmission/power steering/Oils) when [...]

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CCC – Included / Not Included Headliner Update

11/2019 CCC/MOTORS updated the "HEADLINER" section of the Guide to Estimating P Pages specifically calling out "Interior lower moldings/trim" being NOT INCLUDED as well as "weatherstrip r/I". Scenarios where this would be factored is if the lower [...]

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CCC, Mitchell & Audatex – Emblem Adhesive Templates / Clean and Re-taping

Repairers may see scenarios where an "Adhesive Templates" option may be available to reuse existing emblems, nameplates, and badges. When this option is available, typically from a 3rd party supplier, the labor and material associated [...]

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Transparent basecoat colors to achieve coverage

Link to Excel Sheet: CCC: TRANSLUCENT COLORS Some colors may need additional applications of material above the normal application of three coats due to pigments being translucent by nature. Any additional application of [...]

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CCC – Updated Guide to Estimating (GTE P Pages)

CCC/MOTORS has updated the Guide to Estimating (P Pages). Users can access to most current up to date guide by visiting this link: Users can quickly identify new changes in blue word as well [...]

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Audatex DBRM Section 5-2 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Pages 153-157 of Audatex DBRM Guide provides helpful information to commonly asked questions and provides scenarios and answers about Audatex program. An example of a question answered in the 5-2 "Question: Does Flex Additive listed [...]

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