Audatex users may find contradicting information regarding labor operations stated in DBRM Section 4-3 Replacement & Recycled Operations: Door Shell Replacement.
Page 86 of Audatex DBRM states “Seam sealing (when required)” is an included operation.

In DEG Inquiry 18075 on a 2019 Toyota Tacoma, the response from Audatex states “Seam sealer application time is included in any piece that the OEM service requires, per the OEM service information we have not added this time for the DOOR SHELL, FRONT (GN 0207/0208) as it is not mentioned. No change warranted at this time.”

This suggests that it may be necessary to confirm whether Audatex has included the seam sealer. Inquiries related to the inclusion of seam sealer on door shell replacements, can be submitted through the DEG, at

Final Note: Material costs, additional labor to duplicate the factory appearance, and application of corrosion protection (i.e epoxy primer) prior to seam sealer work are all NOT included in the labor time.

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