CCC/MOTOR Masking operation can be found in the GTE (P pages) under Refinish procedures- Bagging (cover entire vehicle exterior: The following applies per the GTE:

CCC- Not included masking operations: Bagging (Cover Entire Vehicle Exterior)

Published refinish times include time necessary to mask exterior surface adjacent the refinish area to a perimeter of 36 inches, or 3 feet. When the process of perimeter masking is substituted for an entire vehicle bagging procedure, then no additional time should be added. If entire vehicle bagging is used along with perimeter masking, then the following formula may be considered.

• Add 0.2 each time a cover is applied and removed

Additional NOT INCLUDED masking operations

Listed under “Basic Color Coat Application”

• Cover mask engine / compartment to prevent overspray
• Cover / mask entire exterior of vehicle to prevent overspray damage
• Cover / mask for prime and block
• Cover / mask for cut-in
• Cover / mask recessed edges / jambs
• Cover / mask trunk / compartment to prevent overspray
• Cover / mask interior of vehicle to prevent overspray damage

Listed under “Color Blend (adjacent panels)/ And “Three-stage Color Blend (Adjacent panels)- NOT INCLUDED operations

• Cover / mask recessed edges / jambs
• Masking of attached parts

What if I decide to rope/ lift window glass seals or leave attached parts on the vehicle?

In the event a facility decides roping or “lifting” window seals are best repair option for the vehicle repairs, Published refinish times are for one color applied to new undamaged OEM replacement components, without exterior trim, interior trim or other attached components. Roping or lifting seals would require an on the spot evaluation for labor time if required.

As always Material cost associated with masking operations are NOT INCLUDED.

The estimating databases are all intended to be used as a GUIDE ONLY – it is important to remember that the auto body professional performing the repair is in a position to thoroughly inspect, diagnose and identify the methodology and their unique cost of the vehicle damage repair.

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