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The Leading Voice For
The Collision Repair Industry

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The Leading Voice For The Collision Repair Industry

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SCRS Education Committee Panel - Adhesives
Represents dozens of state associations, thousands of collision repair businesses and tens-of-thousands of specialized professionals who work to repair collision-damaged vehicles.
To educate, inform and represent the collision repair professional in all aspects of the industry.
To promote, support and encourage exemplary businesses committed to the future of the collision repair industry, while providing the visibility and leadership needed to raise the professional image of the industry and advance the business conditions of those whom we represent.
Awesomeness! Listen and be heard in a group of professionals that are like minded.
Sean Schultz, BMW Autonerd
Such a valuable resource for my shop!! Thank you for all that you do!
Brandon Dodd, Lloyd's Body Shop
Proud moment! So honored to be part of this amazing organization! Society of Collision Specialists. "Creating a better industry for all those they serve."
Robert Grieve, Nylund's Collision Center
A great organization that truly cares about the collision industry.
John Shoemaker, BASF Refinish North America
Great organization and great cause!!! Keep up the fight for consumers.
Andrew Clark Smith, NJ.W. Smith Auto Body
Always great to have an organization like you in my corner.
James Rodis, Woodhouse Auto Body Shop
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