SCRS’ award winning Blueprint Optimization Tool (BOT) software is an automated version of the Guide to Complete Repair Planning. The application provides collision repair facilities with an intelligent, easy to use estimate analysis tool. It immediately identifies labor operations, line items and customizable charges that could be overlooked on an estimate.

The BOT immediately identifies overlooked repair operations and dollar amounts, and supports individual and multiple shop profiling with customization for unique business needs.

The application will:

  • Audit in-house estimates before repairs to minimize supplements
  • Establish consistency and uniformity with multiple users as part of the repair planning process
  • Promote self-training for new employees to write complete and accurate estimates

This association-designed tool developed specifically for collision repair businesses takes advantage of leading-edge technology to achieve the highest levels of user efficiency and accuracy. The SCRS blueprint optimization tool is the first software tool of its kind to perform automated, intelligent tasks previously required to be completed as manual tasks by the end user.

$139 per rooftop per month.

$75 per rooftop setup fee.

1 terminal per rooftop included. Each additional terminal $29/month.