Repairer Driven Education (RDE):

Hosted by the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) and delivered live at the SEMA Show, the Repairer Driven Education (RDE) series provides SEMA Show attendees with access to world class education that speaks to the heart of issues faced in today’s collision repair businesses. SCRS has pulled together some of the most renowned industry experts to re-energize your business with implementable solutions to real challenges experienced by professional collision repair businesses.

OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit:

Held Thursday during the SEMA Show, the Summit’s three sessions feature distinctly different discussions between companies and individuals with rich histories of producing sophisticated advancements in the automotive and collision repair fields. The event content will highlight architectural and technological developments in modern vehicles, with a focus on emerging trends that influence vehicle repairability and collision industry preparation. Every participant in this industry can benefit from better insight into how vehicles and materials are evolving, what that means in the repair process and what will be expected of those who are performing these repairs.

SCRS Sky Villa Afterparty:

The premiere collision industry networking event during SEMA Week, in one of the most special and historic suites on the Las Vegas strip! Aside from education, networking is one of the key benefits attendees gain from attending events such as the SEMA Show. This famed evening event provides unique experiences in some of the most sought-after Vegas locations, with the 2024 event being hosted in the Verona Sky Villa at the Westgate Resort and Casino. The afterparty has become a fixture of the Show for high-profile individuals within the collision repair communities from across the globe, providing guests with a well-earned opportunity to let their hair down and enjoy and evening amongst friends after a week of exploration and education. Tickets are limited, and early registration is encouraged.

IDEAS Collide Showcase:

The Showcase is a one-of-a-kind event featuring fast-paced presentations designed to stimulate thought, innovation, and resolution of business challenges with brash, outspoken, and provoking concepts from thought leaders both in and out of the industry. Audience members will be intrigued by individuals and companies with topics that rattle the status quo, and ambitious ideas that could have a transformative effect on the industry.

2024 Ideas Collide


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