Watch Michael Bradshaw on Culture: The real job market currency

Michael Bradshaw, Vice President, K&M Collision presented at the SCRS IDEAS Collide Showcase during the 2023 SEMA Show, discussing tips for collision repair businesses to consider in developing the culture of their business.

In establishing and building a winning team, culture is the key to success in today’s ultra-competitive collision repair landscape. Michael shares ways in which his business has focused on key aspects to instill a winning culture that encourages growth, provides increased productivity, and can help a business stand out as the employer of choice in its market.

The IDEAS Collide Showcase features fast-paced presentations designed to stimulate thought, innovation, and resolution of business challenges with brash, outspoken, and provoking concepts from thought leaders both in and out of the industry.

This presentation was delivered during the 2023 SEMA Show and put the spotlight on individuals and companies with topics that rattle the status quo, and ambitious ideas that could have a transformative effect on the industry. Hit the thumbs up to subscribe and be notified as more IDEAS Collide sessions are released, and visit for more Repairer Driven Education sessions from SCRS.