SCRS Member Note: Your participation in information request is needed – SCRS Benefits Trust

Dear SCRS Member,

The Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) has agreed to move forward with Decisely in an attempt to create a Benefits Trust purchasing pool for SCRS Members.

We recently conducted a survey to understand member interest in the development of benefits programs, and now we need your help with more detailed information to market the SCRS program to health insurance carriers. This information would include “census” data on the benefits you offer today, your employee (and dependents) participation information, and any available “pricing” information on your current benefit plans to assist us in crafting a competitive and beneficial SCRS program. This information will be of critical assistance to ensure that we have the right product and pricing mix to address the needs of your employees. We’re trying hard to keep this next stage of data gathering as painless as possible, but the more complete information set we can obtain from a cross section of SCRS Members will improve our ability to deliver the best deal.

What we need is the following:

  • Employee Census: Provide information for who’s full-time, part-time, position, demographic info, etc.
  • Complete the census excel file located at and return via email with the other requested information; if possible, please include all eligible employees and their dependents, even if they previously waived coverage(s) or benefits are not currently being offered.
  • We do need Sex (M/F), Age (date of birth), zip code of home address, zip code of work location, date of hire, employment status (FT/PT) and estimated annual income.
    If you have an online system that you would like for us to access on your behalf to collect the above data, please let us know.

If you currently offer benefits to your employees:

  • Please provide your Summary Plan Description of all benefits (medical, dental, vision, etc.) currently offered to Full-Time or Part-Time employees. (We need to understand the details of the medical and other plans you currently offer so we can benchmark to similar plans for eventual SCRS offerings.)
  • Your pricing/rates for these various coverages, including your Employer contributions for coverage levels (Employee only, EE + Spouse, EE + Family) or other structures you may offer. (Like the plan summaries, this is for benchmarking to ensure the solution is affordable and competitive in comparison to what you currently offer.)
  • To make this easy, please provide an email copy (scanned or electronic) of your most current insurance bill on your Medical, Dental, Vision and/or each additional line of coverage offered.

The easiest way to return the gathered information is to email it directly to If at all possible, we’re looking to complete this detailed census data gathering by Friday July 27th.

Once again, thank you for helping SCRS and Decisely to develop the best possible program for your business and employees. We look forward to working with you and your team to deliver a successful benefit solution!