SCRS Member Note: Register your team members!


Regardless of what level of membership you hold with SCRS, we hope that you find great value from the email content you receive from our organization. From the Estimate Tips on Mondays, to newsletters, press releases and other informational updates, we hope you look forward to the content you receive, and share it with your team members within your business. We’ve had a number of member companies recently ask to add other members of their team to the email distributions, to eliminate the step of having to forward the information out.

If you would like us to add other contacts within your business to the email distribution, we are happy to do that for our members. Please simply provide first name, last name, business name and email, and we will get them registered for both SCRS’ emails and the daily news release from Repairer Driven News.

It’s a privilege to be a source of information within your business, and we appreciate the audience we have with your company.