SCRS Member Note: Hyundai Does Not Offer Collision Repair Procedures

Hyundai Motor America does not currently offer collision repair procedures in the U.S. market.

This has long been an area of concern expressed by the collision repair market and communicated to contacts within Hyundai Motor America. SCRS has continued to communicate the urgency of this information being released to U.S. collision repairers, so the industry can properly restore Hyundai vehicles that have sustained damage.

To help illustrate the need for information, SCRS and I-CAR are working to collect and present specific examples that illustrate the real-world challenges created when there is an absence of documented repair procedures.

We urge you to please submit any Hyundai collision repair questions here:

We encourage you to submit feedback on every instance where you are missing procedures; it helps to demonstrate the scope of the need.