After you’ve filed a claim for damage, your insurance company may recommend you to their preferred shops, which participate in their direct repair program (DRP). A DRP is a network of collision repair shops that have entered into an agreement with, and been approved by an insurance company.

The nature of the relationship between the repair facility and the insurance company in a DRP typically involves parameters such as meeting training and equipment expectations, timeliness, specific part-type utilization, and many times some form of agreed-upon discount, concession or adherence to designated pricing in exchange for a referral of work. This helps auto insurers increase predictability and lessen claims costs when their policyholders follow their recommendations.

It is important to note that the vehicle owner always have the right to go to the collision repair center of their choice, and are not required to use any specific shop. No matter what business you choose to work with, you should always make sure you understand their process, and who has the final say on how repairs are performed, and details such as what types of parts will be used.