Auto Paint Materials Calculation:

  • De-nib & Finesse, Finish Sand and Buff and Mask for Overspray, while coming on the estimate as a “Refinish” Labor Type, do not contribute to the materials calculation when using the “Rates” method.
  • While those operations use materials, it is not at the same cost level of primers, hardeners, paint etc… as are applied automatically within UltraMate for core refinish operations.

There are two paths available to the estimator for the application of additional related material costs, as needed:

  1. Refinish Materials Calculator (RMC) product provides a separate dollar amount for De-nib & Finesse or Finish Sand and Buff.
    This product is available as a stand-alone or as a Value-Added Feature capability that can be enabled within UltraMate.

    + RMC will also be an available option in Cloud Estimating (MCE) in the future.

  2. These costs may also be added as manual line/s and/or Reference Sheet “Additional Costs & Materials” entries.

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