CCC/MOTORS has updated the Guide to Estimating (P Pages) ”Rev 12-21”. Users can access to most current up to date guide by visiting this link:

Users can quickly identify new changes by seeing update icon next to the section as well as blue text. Examples of some updates would be the change from “Labor time Premise” to the new “Estimated Work Time Premise”

Important updates include:

  • A new Labor Procedure Section for “Camera and Sensor Aiming” located under the Front Bumper category
  • The refinishing procedure section under panel and or component designation has been updated with “Minor Panels/Components”
    • MINOR PANELS / COMPONENTS: “A panel or component with a base refinish time of less than 1.0 hour is a Minor Component. A minor panel(s) or component(s) are based on the panel or component being refinished in conjunction with a major panel. Therefore, retrieving color information, including paint chip info, mix paint, load sprayer, and clean sprayer would not be included when a minor panel would be refinished independent of a major panel.”

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