CCC and Mitchell have confirmed that Labor to R/I wheels to gain access to bumper removal is NOT INCLUDED. Its important to always reference the specific vehicle chapter footnotes to verify if any specific operations are included.

Audatex may or may not include wheel r/I labor. Always reference the estimate Labor Report.

CCC DEG Inquiry 17764 “Estimated Release Date: Closed
Proposed Resolution: MOTOR stated:
After review of your concern, the R&I of Wheel is “Not Included” with Overhaul of Front Bumper.”

Mitchell DEG Inquiry 17360 “Proposed Response Text:
Thank you for your inquiry,
Per p-page for front and rear bumpers, removing and installing the wheel has not been factored into the R&I Bumper labor allowance.

Inner fender liners and wheel opening moldings are not included. It would be noted if they were.”

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