OEM specific safety inspections may be a required procedure, and are NOT INCLUDED in all three estimating system published labor times.

Examples of “Safety Inspection” operations that cannot be verified by scanning could be:

• Measure steering column to confirm it has not collapsed
• Physical seat belt retractor test
• Seat frame diagnosis for twisting and/or binding
• Physical SRS component inspection.

In DEG Inquiry 12928 MOTOR states “After review of the concern, “Vehicle Safety Inspections” are not listed the MOTOR Guide To Estimating and is not an included operation.”

The Audatex DBRM section 4-2 Labor Exclusions page 43 lists “Diagnosis and testing of electronic components or systems (e.g., airbags)” under NOT INCLUDED

The Mitchell CEG section on Labor General Information > Additions to Labor Times identifies “Time to aim/calibrate/diagnose/re-set/scan or test.”

Always reference OEM repair service information for the latest and most up to date procedures for any recommended and/or required inspections and repairs needed.

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