Some vehicles may come from the OEM with chip guard/ stone guard applied to the rocker areas under the painted areas. There may be instances where a repair may only need to refinish or blend over the textured areas. Refinish Times in all three estimating systems do not account for any additional labor that may be needed to properly prep the textured areas with peaks and valleys in the texture. Any additional labor to bring the panel to “new and undamaged condition” would be an “on the spot evaluation”

DEG Inquiry 18007 Response from All three IP

Mitchell Response:
Proposed Response Text:
Thank you for your inquiry.
Please reference the following from the Refinish General Information section of procedure 28 – Refinish times in this Guide pertain to NEW, UNDAMAGED PARTS.  The steps required for refinishing a repaired and/or used panel may vary from those required for a new panel depending on the condition of the repaired and/or used panel.

CCC/MOTOR Response:
Estimated Release Date: Closed
Proposed Resolution: MOTOR stated:
After review of your concern, the extra prep time for the area with stone guard would need to be an “On the Spot Evaluation” mutually agreed upon by estimators.

Audatex Response:
We have reviewed the current information for the stone guard . Per the database reference manual refinish exclusions, the stone guard is not included in Audatex refinish times. The database reference manual also states that the removal of protective coatings, or other materials impeding replacement, R&I, or refinishing of parts is not included. No change warranted at this time.

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