When R&I of headliner is performed, CCC/MOTOR the GTE states “Weatherstrip D&R” (Disconnect & Reconnect) is included. “Weatherstrip R&I” (Remove & Install) is NOT INCLUDED.

CCC users should note the difference between the D&R vs R&I process when performing headliner operations. When headliner operations are being performed, this is based on 1 continuous step. Published repair procedures on operations that require the headliner to be out of the way may not account for a full removal. If the operation requires the headliner to be loosened or removed multiple times in the process, that may result in additional labor to D&R the weatherstrip throughout various stages of repair as the process is performed multiple times.  Always reference headliner footnotes for any specifics on included operations.

If CCC users identify instances where the weatherstrip R&I shows as “INCL” without any footnotes, please submit an inquiry to the DEG for review.

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