Audatex DBRM States that when replacing a new door shell, labor to R&I “Vapor Barrier” is included.

An example where the vapor barrier may be NOT INCLUDED, is when the vapor barrier needs R&I or R&R to gain access to an inner door shell component for a repair/ refinish scenario when the door is not being replaced.

Audatex RFR team has clarified non “drawn in parts” (parts not listed or in the parts schematic) in Audatex database and not identified in Audatex DBRM Section 4-3. This may also include ancillary parts attached to a major component. Users can submit a DEG Inquiry when an operation in question is not addressed by the labor report for additional feedback from Audatex.

Final DEG note: If adhesive backed vapor barriers are to be reused, any additional labor and materials to clean and reapply adhesive to bring the vapor barrier to the condition of new and ready for reinstall is NOT INCLUDED.

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