DEG has made a quick reference chart showing included and not included operations for moldings and decals for repair situations.

OEM service information may indicate a part is Non Reusable. Additionally All three Estimating IP’s recognize this with a note in their guide


Damaged or Non-Reusable Moldings and Fasteners

Some moldings may be damaged or broken during normal R&I procedures. Additionally, some plastic or metal fasteners may be damaged and their ability to be reused jeopardized because of single-use design, age or exposure to the elements. Moldings, emblems and trim attached using a heat stake method are considered to be non-reusable. Caution should be taken while removing all fasteners, both metal and plastic. MOTOR recommends these factors be considered and mutually agreed upon before finalizing any repair cost estimate.


Non-Reusable Parts
Some attachment components may not be suitable for reuse (examples: plastic clips, fasteners, suspension bolts). Caution should be taken when estimating removal and/or replacement. It should be agreed upon as to what parts may require replacement even though not noticeably damaged.


Page 129 Audatex DBRM

Moldings / Nameplates

Important Reminder:
Adhesive moldings may not be reusable.

The estimating databases are all intended to be used as a GUIDE ONLY – it is important to remember that the auto body professional performing the repair is in a position to thoroughly inspect, diagnose and identify the methodology and their unique cost of the vehicle damage repair.

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