Estimating Tip: CCC, Audatex and Mitchell – Refinish Back Sides and Undersides

Refinishing the back side of replacement/ repaired panel in all three estimating systems is NOT INCLUDED in exterior refinish times. This may require the user to make a manual line with an on the spot evaluation to replicate the factory appearance.


Refinish times presented in this guide are developed under the premise that the underside and jamb color is the same as the exterior body color. Some vehicle manufacturers use a different color for the engine compartment, trunk compartment and/or jambs. An additional paint mix is required if the underside and/or jamb color is a different color than the exterior body color. Clear coat (gloss or matte) will be required for base color coat applications. Some component backsides of vehicles may not be refinished; however, the OE replacement component may be supplied in a different E-coat color than the damaged vehicle. These factors should be considered when developing the estimate.

It may be necessary to tint or otherwise modify non-exterior colors applied to undersides, edges and/or jambs for which there is no paint color formula to achieve a color match. When necessary, reference “color match or tinting” listed above in Not Included Operations.

Interior/Exterior Metal:
Refinishing interior surfaces of exterior parts (e.g., inner quarter, rear body panel, windshield pillars, etc.) requires more masking for interior protection than similar sized/construction exterior parts. Although preparation, application and color match were similar on both exterior and interior parts, interior parts required less time than exterior.

However, overall time required for interior versus exterior tended to be comparable, due to additional time required to protect the interior, combined with difficulty of access. Some of the same processes that apply to exterior parts were occasionally observed in refinish of interior parts, although not with the same care and attention given to exterior panels.

Most interior parts requiring

“Audatex does not include refinish labor for roof or bed underside. Under hood, interior parts (core support, frame, inner fender, etc.) tend to have less effort invested for color match or attention to detail in surface preparation than exterior parts do. In some instances, these panels are painted prior to installation (e.g., bolt-on radiator support panel).”

The estimating databases are all intended to be used as a GUIDE ONLY – it is important to remember that the auto body professional performing the repair is in a position to thoroughly inspect, diagnose and identify the methodology and their unique cost of the vehicle damage repair.

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