The Audatex DBRM, Section 5-5 glossary of Audatex Terms, defines the term Combination Suspension as: “The Audatex term for raising and supporting a vehicle.”

Labor to raise and support the front and or rear is assigned a value of  0.2 hrs in Audatex and is only accounted ONE TIME. If the repairer needs to raise and support either the front or the rear of the vehicle multiple times during the repair process the additional labor is considered a duplicate effort.  Duplicate efforts are NOT INCLUDED in the labor report and would need to be captured on the estimate with a manual entry.

The labor report will show “Combination, Frt Susp” or “Combination, Rear Susp” listed with .2 hrs for the first occurrence, and 0.0 hrs in net value column for any additional occurrences.

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