Press Releases/Member Messages

November 16, 2017   Oklahoma Collision Repairer Wins SPANESI Q5.2 Welder from SCRS at 2017 SEMA Show
October 13, 2017   SCRS Teams Up With Capital One® Spark Business®
October 27, 2017   SCRS to Promote Career Center Postings to Job-Seeking Students During SEMA Career Day
October 25, 2017   SCRS Recognizes RDE Sponsors for Contributions to 2017 Repairer Driven Education
October 18, 2017 Registration Link Released for RDE Session on $42 Million Verdict from Texas
October 17, 2017   WIN a Spanesi Welder as Mega Prize from SCRS Booth at SEMA
October 16, 2017   Two Events at the SEMA Show to Learn More about the $42 Million Verdict from TX
October 10, 2017  

SCRS' Repairer Driven Education Highlights Ongoing Commitment to Education and Information from PPG

October 2, 2017   Two Weeks Left to Take Advantage of Early Registration Discounts for RDE at SEMA
September 28, 2017   SCRS Releases New Video on Resistance Welding
September 25, 2017   SCRS Announces OEM Summit Panelists at SEMA
September 20, 2017   SCRS to Offer Free Career Center Postings to SCRS Members
September 5, 2017 SCRS and March Taylor Memorial Fund Award SkillsUSA Gold Medalists Tool Scholarships Through Snap-on
August 29, 2017   Announces Awards Presented at Collision Industry Red Carpet Awards Breakfast
August 28, 2017 SCRS Announces Details on OEM Summit Sessions 
August 10, 2017 Start Planning for the SEMA Show and SCRS Education!
August 7, 2017   SCRS Education Committee Releases Final Video in MIG/MAG Welding Series
August 3, 2017   SCRS Partners with Google for Jobs
July 12, 2017   SCRS Open Board Meeting on Monday, July 24th in Chicago, IL
July 6, 2017   SCRS Education Committee Presents Second Video on MIG/MAG Welding
May 31, 2017   SCRS Education Committee Presents Video on MIG Welding Equipment and Power
April 29, 2017   Database Enhancement Gateway Announces New Administrator for the DEG
April 25, 2017   SCRS Education Committee Presents Video on Scanning, Diagnostics and Calibration
April 14, 2017 SCRS Releases Videos on Corrosion Protection
March 27, 2017

SCRS Announces Pittsburgh Repairer Roundtable; Includes Presentation from Carnegie Mellon University Researcher

March 23, 2017   Enterprise Holdings Increases Support of SCRS; Established New Corporate Membership 
March 22, 2017   Pittsburgh, PA to Host Several SCRS Events in April - RSVP by April 12 
March 2, 2017   Elite Electronics Supports SCRS as Corporate Member
February 21, 2017   SCRS Education Committee Releases Presentation on Kool Tools
February 2, 2017   Watch this Video from SCRS about Scan Tool Options and Considerations
January 21, 2017   Watch This SCRS Video With OEMs About Scanning and Restoring Vehicle Functionality
January 16, 2017 SCRS Premieres Education Committee Video on Adhesives at January Meeting
January 4, 2017 Mitchell International Introduced as Newest SCRS Corporate Member
December 19, 2016 Upcoming SCRS January Meeting
December 15, 2016   Capital One and SCRS Working Together to Tap into Trends and Challenges
December 7, 2016 CIC Education and Training Committee Survey
December 5, 2016 Newly Formed NC Collision Repair Association Affiliates with SCRS
November  16, 2016 DEG Announces it Surpasses 10,000 Inquiries
October 25, 2016 Empowering Business in the Collision Repair Industry
October 20, 2016   Pro Spot Pro Pull Complete will be Mega Prize from SCRS Booth at 2016 SEMA Show
October 19, 2016 Opportunity to Display your Support of the DEG
October 19, 2016 "Who Pays for What? Survey Deadline Nears - And a Chance to Learn How to Use the Report at SEMA
October 18, 2016   SCRS' Repairer Driven Education Receives Ongoing Support from PPG Refinish
October 17, 2016 Capital One Spark Business Partners with the Society of Collision Repair Specialists to Empower Businesses in the Automotive Repair Industry
October 14, 2016   Join us at the SEMA Show Next Month! Join SCRS and Capital One Spark Business For Special Education Event With Chip Foose at 2016 SEMA Show
October 11, 2016   SCRS Announces Panelists for OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit Session on Training Programs
October 6, 2016   Join us at the SEMA Show Next Month!
October 4, 2016 Don't Miss Early Bird Discounts for RDE and SEMA Show
September 23, 2016   SCRS Announces Panelists for OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit Session on Scanning
September 1, 2016 SCRS Launches Industry Career Center
August  24, 2016   Are your students looking for opportunities in the collision repair industry?
August 17, 2016   SCRS Releases Details of OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit Sessions
August 9, 2016   SCRS and MTMF Award Scholarships to SkillsUSA Gold Medalists
August 3, 2016   Early Registration for RDE at SEMA is Open - Get Registered Today!
July 21, 2016   Nominate a Collision Repair Instructor to Win Free Trip to SEMA
July 18, 2016   SCRS Events in Anaheim This August
July 6, 2016   SCRS Meeting Information & RSVP for Garage Tours
April 4, 2016   Meet the SCRS Board of Directors 2016-2017 Nominees
March 14, 2016   Seattle, WA to Host SCRS Week Events in April
December 22, 2015   SCRS Releases Aluminum and Steel Presentations From 2015 OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit at SEMA
December 18, 2015   SCRS Releases Bumper Prompt Decision Aid
October 29, 2015   WIN $10,000 Rivet Gun from SCRS Booth at SEMA!
October 15, 2015   SCRS Welcomes KPA as its Newest Corporate Member
October 14, 2015   Don't miss early bird discounts for RDE and SEMA Show!
September 16, 2015   Aluminum and Steel Experts Announced for OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit
August 24, 2015   Early Registration for RDE at SEMA is Open - Get Registered Today!
August 21, 2015   SCRS Releases Pulsed Synergic MIG Welding for Aluminum and Collision Repair Video
July 6, 2015   SCRS and March Taylor Memorial Fund Awards Scholarships to SkillsUSA Champions
June 23, 2015   SCRS Releases Additional Details on OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit Schedule
June 15, 2015   SCRS and March Taylor Memorial Fund to Provide Tool Scholarships to Students
June 9, 2015   SCRS Welcomes Garmat USA - First Paint Booth Manufacturer to Join as Corporate Member
April 24, 2015   SCRS Addresses IP Auto Renewal Clauses
April 14, 2015   North Dakota Auto Body Association Affiliates with the Society of Collision Repair Specialists
March 23, 2015   SCRS Welcomes LORD Corporation as Newest Corporate Member
March 17, 2015   SCRS to Hold Repairer Roundtable in Atlanta, GA
March 5, 2015   Atlanta, GA to Host SCRS Week Events in April
March 4, 2015   Inside the Aluminum Revolution: Factors to Consider When Upgrading
February 12, 2015   SCRS Investigates Airbag Recalls Relative to Replacement Parts
February 11, 2015   SCRS Education Committee Releases Presentation on Innovative Tools
January 26, 2015   SCRS Welcomes Miracle System/Equipment Gateway as Corporate Member
December 1, 2014   Collision Repair & Refinish Exhibitors Note Increased Attendance, Quality Information at 2014 SEMA Show
November 21, 2014   SCRS and Car-O-Liner Team Up for SEMA 2014 Prize Giveaway
November 13, 2014   GM’s Competitive Pricing Platform Rescheduled to Launch Early 2015
November 12, 2014   I-CAR Repairability Technical Support Portal Connects Industry Pros to OEMs
November 7, 2014   Automakers Discuss Certification During SCRS' OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit
November 7, 2014   Body Shop Certification Perspectives Shared During SCRS OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit
November 6, 2014   Material Advancements, Certification Processes Discussed at Inaugural SCRS OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit
November 5, 2014   I-CAR Works to Redevelop Curriculum With Help From Collision Repairers
November 4, 2014   Independent Glass Association and Society of Collision Repair Specialists Partner on Glass Initiatives
October 29, 2014   SEMA Show to Highlight Aluminum Repair Information
October 22, 2014   SCRS Will Offer Chance to Win Car-O-Liner Aluminum Workstation at 2014 SEMA Show
October 20, 2014   Valspar Automotive Shows Support of Industry by Stepping Up as SCRS Corporate Member
October 17, 2014   Friday, October 17th is Final Day to Take Advantage of Discounted Registration for Repairer Driven Education
October 7, 2014   SCRS Publishes Schedule For OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit at 2014 SEMA Show
September 25, 2014   Early Bird Pricing for Repairer Driven Education and SEMA Show Registration Available Through October 17th
September 25, 2014   SCRS Compiles Documentation on Clearcoat Application
September 24, 2014   SCRS Welcomes Newly Founded Auto Body Association of Texas as Its Latest Affiliate
September 11, 2014   Auto/Steel Partnership to Present During OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit at SEMA Show
August 25, 2014   The Aluminum Association’s Aluminum Transportation Group to Present During SCRS’ OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit
August 21, 2014   SkillsUSA, SCRS and the SEMA Show Provide Amazing Opportunity for North Carolina High School Instructor
August 7, 2014   SCRS Announces OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit
June 4, 2014   SCRS Open Board Meeting on July 28th
May 5, 2014   SCRS Researches Length of Repair Data
April 30, 2014   SCRS Honors Outstanding Effort and Exceptional
Commitment at the Industry Achievement Awards
April 24, 2014   SCRS Examines Repairer Ability to Control Data Flow
April 17, 2014   2014-2015 SCRS Board Elected in April
April 3, 2014   SCRS Holds Annual Election for Board of Directors
April 1, 2014   SCRS Open Board Meeting April 8th
March 20, 2014   SCRS Hosted Repairer Roundtable to Discuss Impact of Automotive Technology on Collision Repair
March 18, 2014   Louisiana's First Statewide Collision Repair Association Affiliates with SCRS
February 19, 2014   SCRS Welcomes Wisconsin’s Indianhead Auto Body Association as Most Recent Affiliate Association
February 3, 2014   MEMBER NOTE: American Honda Launches Approved Collision Repair Tool Programs
January 20, 2014   MEMBER NOTE: New Consumer-Oriented Website
November 20, 2013   PPG Automotive Refinish Explores Innovations in Color in Repairer Driven Education Session
November 19, 2013   SCRS Welcomes Arrowhead General Insurance Agency, Inc. as Newest Corporate Member
November 14, 2013   Collision Repair & Refinish Exhibitors Proclaim 2013 SEMA Show "A Winner"
November 11, 2013   RDE Session at 2013 SEMA Show Demystifies Consolidation Trend
November 8, 2013   Insurer-Mandated Parts Procurement Discussion Rages on at CIC
November 8, 2013   2013 Repairer Driven Education Series Wows Collision Repair Industry
November 7, 2013   Repair Standards Discussion Continues with CIC Panel
November 6, 2013   SCRS Association Address Welcomes International Participation, New Members and Recommended Procedures Announcement From Toyota
November 5, 2013   OE Repair Data, Vehicle Technologies Explored at Inaugural SCRS Education Session
November 5, 2013   Have You Considered Selling Your Business?
November 5, 2013   SCRS Highlights Collision Repair & Refinish Meetings and Events at 2013 SEMA Show
November 4, 2013   VIDEO - SCRS Director: SEMA Show Spurs Growth Potential for Repairers
November 4, 2013   Daily Drawings from SCRS’ Booth at SEMA Show
October 24, 2013   SCRS Open Meeting on Collision Repair & Refinish Stage at 2013 SEMA Show
October 22, 2013   SCRS Encourages Participation in CIC Discussions at the 2013 SEMA Show
October 16, 2013   First Data Offers Special Credit Towards SCRS Membership Dues
October 15, 2013   Estimating, Blueprinting and Billing a Focus During RDE at SEMA
October 11, 2013   SCRS Education Sessions Featured on Collision Stage at SEMA Show
October 10, 2013   Early Bird Pricing for SCRS' Repairer Driven Education at the SEMA Show Ends in One Week
October 9, 2013   SCRS RDE Series Addresses Consolidation Trend
September 23, 2013   Desire for National Perspective Drives New NATA Affiliation
September 17, 2013
  SCRS Education at SEMA Exceeds Past Performance
September 12, 2013
  SCRS Provides R&I Demonstrations at SEMA Show
September 9, 2013
  SCRS Issues Position on Insurer Mandates
August 8, 2013
  SCRS Focuses RDE Content at SEMA Show with Tracks
August 5, 2013
  Jim Sowle Appointed to SCRS Board of Directors
July 8, 2013
  SCRS Open Board Meeting July 22nd
May 28, 2013
  SCRS Interviews UK Repair Associations Regarding Standards
May 20, 2013
  Insurer Mandated Parts Programs Still Fail to Demonstrate Benefit to Repairers
April 22, 2013
  SCRS Awards Recognize Standout Figures of the Collision Repair Industry
April 17, 2013
  Consistency Characterizes 2013-2014 SCRS Board
February 4, 2013
  SCRS Releases Video Coverage of International Perspective on Insurer-Mandated Parts Procurement From SEMA
February 1, 2013
  SCRS Committee Releases Video on Frame Replacement
January 31, 2013
  Alabama Association Joins SCRS
January 9, 2013
  SCRS Open Board Meeting on January 23rd
December 12, 2012
  SCRS Announces 40th Affiliate Association
December 10, 2012
  Reinvigorated Idaho Auto Body Craftsman Association
Welcomed as New SCRS Affiliate
November 29, 2012   DEG Announces Website Redesign
November 26, 2012   Utah Auto Body Association Announced as Next SCRS Affiliate
August 17, 2012   Chrysler Releases Two Repair Documents
August 6, 2012   The Texas Independent Automotive Association Steps Forward to Become Newest SCRS Affiliate Member
June 18, 2012    SCRS Welcomes Matrix Electronic Measuring, Inc.
as its Newest Corporate Member
May 14, 2012   SCRS Celebrates Outstanding Service and Accomplishment   at the 2012 Industry Achievement Awards
May 9, 2012   Consistency, Persistency of Vision Characterize
2012-2013 SCRS Board of Directors
April 2, 2012   Potential Economic Impact of Parts Bidding on Collision Repair
March 27,2012   SCRS Education Committee Sheds Light on Repair Procedures in Upcoming Board Meeting
January 31, 2012   SCRS Welcomes the Northern Michigan Body Shop Association as Its Newest Affiliate Association
January 11, 2012   Joint Statement Regarding the Collection and Reporting of Repairer Business Data