SCRS Healthcare Solutions, designed with both the employer and employee in mind, are disrupting the old health plan model by offering affordable plans with quality ‘Day One’ basic care..

Mechanicsville, VA, September 14, 2022 – The Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) today announced the availability of unique new health solutions available exclusively for its members, with an objective of raising the standard of care for those in the collision repair industry.

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“Navigating the healthcare benefits system is a tremendous and ongoing challenge for the industry,” said Aaron Schulenburg, SCRS Executive Director. “Our members have routinely communicated this may be one of the most significant advancements the association could make for the industry. We’ve been working with our partner Decisely for several years to identify and source an appropriate benefits package that we felt confident could deliver comprehensive benefits and real savings to our members and their employees, and we are confident in the solutions we’ve found for the industry.”

SCRS members now have access to medical plans that save both the employer and the employee.

“There was a stark contrast to other plans we’ve reviewed in the marketplace,” shared SCRS Chairman, Bruce Halcro. “We want collision repairers to be competitive and viable for those looking for a career. What we’ve sourced here really was focused around how to provide better care for the members of our industry. As we tested the offering against existing plans in our own businesses, we consistently identified a 10-15% reduction in cost, with often significantly improved employee options..”

Plans include instant coverage and no-cost services for important basics like primary and specialist visits, urgent care, scans and labs, generic prescriptions and more. There are no deductibles and the employees choose their out of pocket maximum, all while taking advantage of the Aetna and Cigna networks.

“These are features you can’t find in standard marketplace plans, and almost never available to smaller businesses,” added Halcro.

“SCRS’ objectives were very direct – improve the quality of benefits available to the industry, and meaningfully reduce the cost of those services for both the employee and employer. The resulting plans now available to SCRS members provide businesses with the opportunity to offer high-quality and truly affordable benefits, maintain a healthy workplace and even help improve employee retention. Employees who are offered and enroll in benefits stay three times longer than those without. That’s a lot of savings on hiring and training new employees,” said Eric Frazer, Decisely SVP of Business Development.

Interested business owners can learn more at

SCRS membership is required to participate in the program, but any business can explore the available plan options to determine they are right for their business.

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About SCRS: Through its direct members and 38 affiliate associations, SCRS is comprised of 6,000 collision repair businesses and 58,500 specialized professionals who work with consumers and insurance companies to repair collision-damaged vehicles. Additional information about SCRS, including other news releases, is available E-mail SCRS at

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