Mitchell has made changes in the way Recycled Part labor operations are developed.

Mitchell has provided feedback on inquiry 16546

“In an effort to simplify overlap between the ATG (Assembly time guide) and CEG (Collision Estimating Guide), we no longer publish labor times for bolt on components or assemblies in the ATG.

Operations can be selected from the CEG, and the part type changed to LKQ. CEG labor times, and CEG P-page logic apply.

ATG P-pages do not apply to GEG labor times.

When utilizing an operation from ATG, with a published ATG allowance, the ATG P-pages are applicable.

What would not be included are any considerations for the removal of components serviced with the ATG assembly.”

An example of CEG time on a RECY component would be a RECY door arriving in the same condition of a NEW replacement part.

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