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SCRS’ award winning Blueprint Optimization Tool (BOT) software is an automated version of the Guide to Complete Repair Planning. The application provides collision repair facilities with an intelligent, easy to use estimate analysis tool. It immediately identifies labor operations, line items and customizable charges that could be overlooked on an estimate.

The BOT immediately identifies overlooked repair operations and dollar amounts, and supports individual and multiple shop profiling with customization for unique business needs.

The application will:


We have had good success using the BOT.  I would say it take 5 to 8 minutes to run on each repair.  It helps us catch things that may have been overlooked while writing the repair plan.  It also does a great job of reminding us of additional technical item that are related operations for each line of the repair plan.  On medium to large repairs it will add hundreds of dollars to the repair.  It pays for itself on the first repair plan each month. Prior to using the BOT,  It is very important to take time setting up all of the procedures the way you want them to show up in the repair plan.

Tom Day, Body Shop Manager, Ken Vance Motors Inc.

Since I have been using the BOT, it not only has made writing and blueprinting the vehicles easier and faster, it helps me to reassess each and every job when I open the categories of not included operations the BOT presents. Since we as humans are not perfect and may miss things from time to time, it brings a little more attention to detail and helps to fill in the voids. It is user friendly and truly helps the process out.

Scott Ayers, Blueprint and Repair Plan Accuracy Specialist, Dorn’s Body and Paint

The Blueprint Optimization software has proven to be a very convenient and helpful tool in the collision repair process. I personally found it really easy to use, and it interacts really well with CCC. The additional items it identifies are organized into very familiar sections, just like the estimating system, which enables quick and convenient addition of the item that may have been missed, or not thought of. Installation was quick and easy, and it has become a part of our routine to run estimates through BOT after writing, in order to improve our own accuracy and better streamline our process.

Natalie Carman, Estimator, Weavers Auto Center

In short, we were missing a lot that we didn’t realize or intend to. The BOT has helped us identify that, and I love how the procedures go right into the proper subheading of the estimate, and not just lumped at the bottom of the Misc. Operations. The best part is that we have had zero push back from DRP’s and Non-DRP business alike.

Nick Barbera, Owner, Union Collision

I have taught and coached people through the damage appraisal process for many years and shown shops how to utilize the SCRS Guide to Complete Repair Planning. Now I am working with some of those same shops using the BOT, and they are adding the items the BOT has identified as missing from the initial estimate with acceptance by third party payers with little or no negotiation. I had one shop manager tell me that one of his estimators commonly missed items on his repair plans previously, and was hesitant to add operations for fear they would be rejected. But now he has the highest average repair, often surpassing his peers where he works that once eclipsed him by $500 – $800. I see this as a true game changer and something that has been needed for quite some time, the ease of use and thoroughness of the BOT is without comparison.

John Shoemaker, Business Development Manager, BASF Automotive Refinish Coatings North America

Thank you so much for a job well done. I’ve been in this industry for almost thirty years and I’ve always heard that everything is created ‘for us’, but it always feels like solutions are made to favor one side only. I’ve heard techs and writers complain that the systems always list everything that is included, but never give us a list of everything that is not-included. But now we have the BOT, a great tool to assist with all the items that our techs are doing, that sometimes gets missed in our paperwork. Write your damage analysis, and when you think you are done, run it through BOT and ensure you didn’t miss the operations required by the repair, for a more accurate blueprint, every time. Thank you SCRS!

Augusto Carrillo-Perris, Speed Street Collision Center

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