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DEG Inquiry 11652 clarifies Audatex internal labor procedures; the box assembly refinish allowance does not include time for box undersides or unexposed parts. This would be an estimator judgment item on the estimate, as well as any additional setup times or booth cycles. The current refinish allowance is correct according to Audatex internal refinish procedures and is considered to be one setup and one continuous paint application.

Additional information regarding Edges/ Jambs/ Undersides in Audatex DBRM can be accessed by clicking HERE.

Section 4-4 Refinish Guidelines Edges / Jambs / Undersides
Some parts require refinishing undersides or other interior surface edges. Edging is performed prior to surface refinish as a preparation step to refinishing the entire surface of the job at the same time. Edging is generally done with the parts off the vehicle prior to installation. Audatex’s study shows significantly less refinish labor per area for edges, jambs, or undersides than for the surface refinishing. To receive the labor for edges, jambs, or undersides, the panel must be replaced and refinish must be selected for that panel. When a repair is being performed, labor for edges, jambs, or undersides needs to be a separate consideration.

The estimating databases are all intended to be used as a GUIDE ONLY – it is important to remember that the auto body professional performing the repair is in a position to thoroughly inspect, diagnose and identify the methodology and their unique cost of the vehicle damage repair.

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