Archived DEG Estimating Tips

Year Subject
2017 Navigating Nissan Tech Info
2017 CCC- Assembly Line Components
2017 CCC- Sectioning Time Not Listed in Database
2017 Audatex-Extending Clear Coat to Nearest Breaking Point or Panel
2017 Mitchell, CCC, Audatex – Storing Electrical Presets and Redeploying Customer Presets
2017 Mitchell – ADAS (Advance Drivers Assist Systems) Mounted to Windshield
2017 CCC- Filtered Parts Selection
2017 Mitchell – Symbols on Estimate Report
2017 AUDATEX- Updates to Database Repair Manual (DBRM)
2017 CCC – Reported Labor Times
2017 CCC – Toyota OPT OE Market Value Parts Vendor
2017 CCC – Labor to Install Spare Tire on the Vehicle
2017 CCC – TESLA Database Now Available
2017 Audatex – Welder Set Up and Test Welds
2017 CCC/MOTOR- Updates to GTE and RACED GTE
2017 Mitchell: Detail Line Notes
2017 How to Add Three Stage Paint Calculation in Mitchell
2017 How to Add Three Stage Paint Calculation in Audatex
2017 How to Add Three Stage Paint Calculation in CCC ONE
2017 Mitchell : Pre Scan and Post Repair Scan
2017 Audatex Labor Report
2017 Ability to Override Labor Category When Doing a Frame Replacement
2017 CCC / Audatex – Storage and Protection of Removed and Loose Parts
2017 CCC Procedure Page Tip – Glass Urethane Preparation
2017 Audatex Adjacent Panel Repair
2017 CCC Procedure Page Tip – Refinish Overlap on Grille
2017 CCC Procedure Page Tip – Wheels
2017 CCC Parts Search Function
2017 Audatex Custom User Defined Labor Rates
2017 Audatex Glossary of Terms
2017 Welder Setup In CCC One
2017 Back Up Sensors in Audatex
2017 Seam Sealer Appearance Duplication in Audatex
2017 Structural Foam Application in CCC One
2017 Unrelated Prior Damage in Audatex
2017 Audatex Refinish
2017 Window Tint in Mitchell
2017 Second Color in CCC One
2017 2 Stage Refinish in Audatex
2017 Setup and Duplication of Seam Sealer Appearance in Audatex
2017 Shop Materials in Mitchell Estimating
2017 Audatex Notes
2017 Protect Interior in CCC One
2017 Structural Component List in CCC One
2017 Aligning Hood Hinges in CCC One
2017 Labels in Mitchell Estimating System
2017 Replacing a Lift Gate in CCC One Does Not Include the Wiper Motor
2017 Audatex Door Blackout
2017 Edging is Not Inside for CCC One
2017 Material Costs in CCC One
2016 Brush Touch Bolts in CCC One
2016 Broken Glass Cleanup
2016 De-Nib and Polish in Audatex
2016 Recycled Door Labor
2016 Reset of Honda LaneWatch™ System
2016 Battery Cable Labor in Audatex
2016 Refinish the Roof Underside in CCC One
2016 Information Labels In Mitchell
2016 Audatex Recycled Parts Time
2016 Transfer Brackets, Braces or Reinforcements in Mitchell
2016 Blend/Refinish Quarter Panel
2016 Prep Unprimed Bumper In CCC One
2016 Aim Headlamps in Mitchell
2016 Reset Steering Angle Sensor in CCC
2016 Pinch Weld Damage in Audatex
2016 Tinted Clear Coat or 4-Stage Refinish in CCC
2016 Part Transfer in Mitchell
2016 Update to MOTOR Estimating Guide
2016 CCC Footnotes and Headnotes
2016 Blind Spot Detection
2016 Paint Material List
2016 Mitchell’s Refinish Materials Calculator
2016 CCC Labor Assignments
2016 Chipguard in Audatex
2016 Wheel Balance is Not Included with Wheel Replacement in CCC One
2016 Option Selection in CCC One
2016 Transparent Colors in Audatex
2016 Clear Coat Panels in Audatex
2016 Test Fit Part
2016 Test Drive Vehicle
2016 Mixing Toners in Mitchell is a Not Included Operation
2016 Clear Coat Edges in CCC One
2016 Bumper Prompt in CCC One
2016 Manual Change to a Line of an Estimate
2016 Clear Coat Extension in Audatex
2016 LKQ Estimating Guides
2016 Cover and Protect Interior in CCC
2016 Pre-Fit Not Included in Audatex
2016 Seam Sealer in Audatex
2016 CCC Seam Sealer
2016 Missing Labor
2016 Pinch Weld Damage in CCC
2016 CCC Spray Out Panel
2016 Clear Coat Extension in Audatex
2016 Bleed Brakes in CCC Does Not Include Bleeding the ABS Pump
2016 Labor Exclusions in Audatex
2016 CCC Bumper Prompt Indicator
2016 Motor Releases Updated Guide to Estimating
2016 Frame Machine Setup In CCC is Not Included
2015 Truck Bed Underside Refinish
2015 Bleed Brakes
2015 Complete Vehicle Refinish in Mitchell
2015 Not Every Chipguard is the Same in Audatex
2015 The Material for Bagging a Vehicle in Audatex
2015 Adhesive Backing Removal in CCC
2015 CCC Footnotes Take Precedence
2015 Collision Access
2015 Car Cover in CCC
2015 Frequently Asked Questions in the Audatex P-Pages
2015 Bleeding the Coolant System
2015 Adding a New Aluminum Rate Category in CCC
2015 Feather Prime and Block is a Refinish Operation
2015 Audatex Labor Report
2015 Refinish Edge and Refinish Inside
2015 Weld Damage
2015 Labor Time to Install Seam Sealer
2015 Covering Vehicle For Weld Damage
2015 Mixing Paint
2015 Labor for Bagging or Car Cover
2015 Replacing a LKQ Quarter Panel
2015 Replacing a LKQ Quarter Panel
2015 P-pages
2015 Labor Prompts in CCC
2015 Audatex Feather Prime and Block
2015 Fabrication of Sleeves
2015 Back Up Sensors in Audatex
2015 Reset of Electrical Components
2015 Foam
2015 Wash Vehicle
2015 When Replacing an A/C Line
2015 Refinish Underside in CCC
2015 Missing Labor