General Membership

What is General Membership?


General Members receive a window decal and membership
certificate, plus all SCRS communications.


There are undoubtedly countless times where our work behind the scenes has positively impacted your business. Up until now, we may not have had the privilege of welcoming you as a member of the largest national trade association solely dedicated to advancing the collision repair profession; but we would like to change that today.

We ask you to join as a member of SCRS and be part of our mission to educate, inform and represent the industry. Our General Membership dues are an affordable $300.00 per year and those annual dues fund our efforts to better the industry for your business. This industry needs your support, and every member is part of the solution.

We believe there isn’t a more dedicated or recognized advocate for collision repairers, and the programs we’ve developed speak to our mission.

- We’ve created an industry-leading online, daily source for news and information found at RDN was formed to information from a vantage point that would cater to those in the collision repair business. Our stories and focus will not be influenced by anything other than keeping the businesses that perform collision repair connected to the information that matters most to them. We believe that a well-informed industry is a more viable industry, so we worked to develop more personalized experiences that allow our followers to customize how their information is accessed and announced. We believe that “connecting the dots” is important, and that stories should contain more than just what is happening, but also foster an understanding of why it matters. Most importantly, this resource is free, because it is funded by the support of our members.

- Our involvement in the creation and ongoing oversight of the Database Enhancement Gateway ( was another way to put member dollars to use in developing a free, easy-to-use solution for the industry to address errors, inaccuracies and omissions in the estimating systems and databases. It has resolved thousands of inquiries, and created incalculable changes in the estimates you write, and the understanding that the industry has of how the systems work. Additionally, SCRS has worked with the DEG to launch estimating tips on a weekly basis, aimed to provide quick suggestions on factors to consider when capturing repair charges in these systems. These emails go out weekly to the industry as a whole, and are again free, because we are firm believers that our members benefit most, when the entire industry is well informed.

- We’ve built a grassroots network of communication connecting state, regional, national and international trade associations that communicate regularly about markets trends, conditions and potential solutions or pitfalls to addressing the issues that matter to collision repairers.

- Our Repairer Driven Education program and OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit at the SEMA Show ( have been constructed to provide tangible solutions to businesses looking for guidance and information on ways to improve their position in spite of market challenges.

- Our free Guide to Complete Repair Planning has influenced numerous estimating training courses, estimate auditing tools and long expansion lists and served as a trusted resource for collision repairers looking to develop, refine and maintain their estimating processes.

- SCRS recognizes the challenges of running a business in today’s environment and is actively working to provide members with value-added benefit programs that reduce expenses and enhance the successful operation of your business. One such example is our merchant services program through FirstData. This program has effectively helped numerous members save thousands of dollars annually in their processing fees.

These are just a few of the many examples of ways we put our membership resources to work to improve the industry, and how your support would be put to use.

Be part of these solutions. There is no better time to join than now.