Award Winners

Lifetime Achievement Awards Regionally:
People who have given generously to the aid of their respective homeland.

John Mattos - Virginia
Pat Gisler - Kentucky
Wayne Stevens - Pacific Northwest
Rich Skora - New York
Gary Hemminger - Nebraska
Dan Bailey - Kansas
Eddie Kizenberger
Dave McBroom
Bob Jones
Thomas Greco

Lifetime Achievement Awards Nationally:
People who have given generously to the aid of their industry nationwide.

Gary Wano, Jr.
Lou DiLisio
March Taylor
Sal Donzella
John Loftus
Jeff Hendler
Chuck Sulkala
Bill Wicklund
Gene Hamilton
Sheila Loftus
Barry Dorn
Bill Bailey
Bill Eveland

Lifetime Honorary Membership:

Dale Delmege
Bill Wicklund
Rochelle Wicklund
Toby Chess
Gene Hamilton
Jeff Hendler

Industry Achievement Award:
People who have done a specific deed or created a specific product which has helped the industry.

Toby Chess
Jeff Hendler
Chuck Sulkala
Bill Payne
Erick Bickett
Scott Biggs
Gene Hamilton
Jeff Silver
Marco Grossi
Russell Thrall III
Scott Biggs
Fred Iantorno

Affiliate Association Award:
Intended to recognize one of our affiliates that exhibits exemplary actions on behalf of the collision repair professional.

Nebraska Autobody Association
Massachusetts Auto Body Association
Missouri/Kansas Chapter of SCRS
Houston Auto Body Association
Washington Metropolitan Auto Body Association

Collision Industry Individual Service Award:
Intended for anyone in the collision industry that exhibits actions that would be considered exemplary in maintaining and advancing the collision repair industry.

Mike Anderson
Nick Kostakis
Toby Chess
March Taylor
Barry Dorn
Lou DiLisio
Bob Smith
Teresa Bolton
Jeff Hendler
Gary Wano, Jr.
Howard Batchelor
Janet Chaney

Collision Industry Non-Individual Service Award:

Intended to recognize contributions to the collision repair industry that originate at a corporate or company level.

Collision Repair Education Foundation
Collision Industry OEM Roundtable
National Auto Body Council
Akzo Nobel Coatings
Collision Hub
Auto Education Policy Institute
Alliance of Automotive Service Providers (AASP)
Toyota Motor Sales, USA

Humanitarian Award:
Intended to recognize an individual or group in the collision industry whose efforts advance the collision repair industry through support of humanitarian activities in their community outside the industry.

Jason Schmidt
Brad Shelton
Janet Chaney
Jordan Hendler
John Junk
Mike Quinn
Rollie Benjamin
Toby Chess
National Auto Body Council (NABC) – Recycled Rides

Special Recognition:
Greg Coccaro
Roger Larson